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Shoopas is a location-aware shopping app that allows you
search for products and find stores close to you.

We are revolutionizing proximity shopping by
making it easy, fast and convenient.

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How it works

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Easily find the right product

Product search made easy. With Shoopas you can find the right product
and plan your shopping at your own convenience with all the information at your fingertips.
Think Ease when you Think Shoopas

Find the store selling the item you desire

Save yourself the stress of searching from one store to another.
Shoopas can help you find the stores with the item you desire, at the price you desire

Add to your basket

You can add items from the same or different Merchants to your basket.
It organizes your shopping experience so that you don't miss a thing.

Get directions to the store

Feeling lost is now a thing of the past. At no cost, we have
provided a navigation map from your current location to the store you want to find.

Our App also helps you to

View approximate distance
to stores near you
View contact and address
of stores
Compare prices
from stores near you
Help with budgeting

More Market visibility for Merchants
and Shop Owners

Detailed product
Manage inventory
Manage multiple stores
View customer cart

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